BCSG Strives to make an impact by believing in better government, ethical consulting, and making the right decisions for our clients

It’s All In Our A.I.M.


We recognize that understanding the programmatic needs is the key to providing the right solution to our clients. One size does not fit all and asking the right questions is key to understanding the current, “as is” state of our clients.



Once we recognize, understand and vet the needs with our customer, we delve into “what” is the right solution to address the business needs and “How” to implement the proposal, “to be” stated for the client which will provide with minimal interruptions to business continuity and resource impact.



Upon successful implementation of the solution, we turn a keen eye to monitoring and managing the customer. Our process is built on continuous monitoring and improvement, thus, allowing us to continually Assess, Improve, and Manage.

What Can We Do For You?

We work mainly in seven areas. Learn more about how we can revolutionize your business.

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Management Consulting

BCSG provides the strategic consulting for our clients to make informed decisions, see tangible results, and accomplish broader scope through our client-focused management approach within budget and deadlines


BCSG provides Cybersecurity policy analysis and risk mitigation strategies to ensure that the gaps in current vulnerabilities is mitigated and our clients and their information is secured

Data Analytics

BCSG provides dashboarding and data visualization that allows customers to see and understand data trends, forecasting, predictive analysis, and programmatic impacts to make the necessary decisions and changes

Agile Services

BCSG provides Agile DevOps that allow the customers to claim tangible results in short time, respond to evolving user needs, and providing corrective action with the minimal cost impact

Scalable Infrastructure

BCSG provides Cloud migration and implementation strategies that are tailored to the client’s scalability, availability, and security requirements through the study of on-premise, hybrid, public/private cloud, or FedRAMP-certified solution

Financial/Budget Services

BCSG provides Capital Planning and Investment Control (CPIC), IT Investment Management (ITIM), Technology Business Management (TBM), and Department of Homeland Security (DHS) specific Acquisition Lifecycle Framework (ALF) support services resulting in clients being able to respond to programmatic budget formulations, cost-benefit analysis, Alternatives of Analysis, OMB business case formulation and submission, and audit data calls from the OIG and GAO audits


BCSG provides on-premise CPIC, TBM, ALF, and Agile training enabling customers to leverage hands-on coaching and resource training if added to part of the contract support scope

Technical Program Management

Technical program documentation, agile project management, coaching, applicatoin development, SOA, Modernization, SharePoint expertise, Training, SELC, ALF